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Originally Posted by Design 2179 View Post
Thanks Rocco for your feedback,
So the 2006 330i E90...good example... New Chasis (e90) & engine (e46)
I think i will go that route and be very happy!

Quick Question if I may,

In your opinion how bad is the HPFP issue really, The Forums produce mostly all stories gone bad (not many people go onto forums to share good news)which provides the perception that its happening to all or most owners 335i,

BUT people come into the shop for reg visits and share GOOD and Bad stories (HPFP) So with that said are the high % failures stories we read on the forum a close representation of the Everyday joe and there shop visit stories???

Cheers and thanks for your time
None of the E9x came with M54s just so you know.

2006 E90 330i has N52B30, NOT M54B30
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