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Post *** Grand Finale Cruise 2010: Sunday October 24th (GTA) ***

Date: Sunday October 24th 2010
Time: 1:00pm (~1:15pm departure)
Meeting Place: Dave & Busters Woodbridge (120 Interchange Way, L4K 5P7)

Let's get one last event in before the year's done. Similar route as to last year, which means lots of twisty roads and autumn scenery to enjoy. Here's a few photos I borrowed from 2009's photo thread (thanks Young Gun):

Important notes (actually read them!):
o This is a full day event, we will not return to the GTA until ~7-8pm.
o You will need a full tank of gas at the beginning of the cruise so fill up before coming to D&B.
o HAVE A VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE, CAR REGISTRATION, AND INSURANCE. OPP like to visit us on this cruise, and really only ticket for a lack of these basic items. Driving on bald tires is another easy ticket to get.
o Dinner is at approximately 5:30pm, and you will have the choice of two different restaurants to suit your budget and/or taste.
o There is a Sunoco (or Petro, it may have changed by now) near the dinner stop if you require 94 octane often (FI guys...).
o FRS radios will be used during this cruise, and are very helpful tools to have. Channels will be announced at the meeting spot.

That's about it for now. Click attending on the poll if you're joining us for this farewell to 2010.
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