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Originally Posted by MarkD View Post
Probably because it looks like most of you e90 owners over there act like flies around cr@p. I see how they all stick together at the meets, and arrive/leave at the same time. And all they think of is JB and other piggybacks. I can't post there about my own product and am not going to look into being a sponsor unless I at least have a feeling that there is some return on the sponsorship fees. How would you hear about me unless someone there actually had me re-flash their car? I've done many FI cars in the last few months and those people are very happy with the results. And what do you mean by a "so called tune"?

It seems quite clear that the main reason you post here is to promote the JB.
From the way you talk on maxbimmer, I don’t want to be hanging around you either; I’ll take my business elsewhere. First you are assuming shit that I am advertising JB when I actually have Procede V4. Next you get all antsy whenever I mention a piggyback tune like the previous thread in the E90 section. I was just showing the OP some options/choices he could look at, majority of the e90post guys are running it and so far we have had no problems with the dealership.

It also seems like you have some issues with E90 drivers showing up at a meet and arriving/leaving at the same time. What’s wrong with that? If you got a problem then say it in our face. The last time I went to a meet with older cars, there were plenty of reckless drivers who would cut each other off. I forgot if it was the midnight cruise or C7.

Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
I wouldnt say that really...

However it is true that what your trying to say, I guess you can call it "jumpin on the bandwagon". Most n54 clients do strongly believe in JB products + AR combination. When you get downpipes, intercooler, and have a flash for a "stage 1" you have to re-flash. The piggy backs allow user switching between maps, even for the NA E90s.
+1 Procede v4 offers autotuning, which was one major thing that convinced me to get it over the GIAC flash. I bought an AA intercooler and some raceland downpipes, I wanted to get the most out of it so I went with whater piggyback that could offer me the most cost effective way. I'm not going to pay each time to get a different "stage" flash. Jon know's what hes talking about, MarkD seems like you need to do more research on the stuff that your competitors offer.

noid, if you want more information on my friend's 323i just drop him a pm on e90post. He will be more than happy to help you, I told him about someone from maxbimmer wanting to mod their 323i.

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