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Originally Posted by noid View Post
Your 1500 e30 doesn't equate to a similar condition m3 for 20k+; if you had a minty 5000-6000 e30 then maybe.

Secondly the 335i is more then 20k+taxes then a 323i. Thus your argument is invalid.

If you dont like the m3 so much there was also the hartge, alpina, and ac schnitzer you could have very easily gotten as well.

Case reopened.
How old are you? You are completely missing the point...completely. 1st, my e30 would not be sold for less than $4g's, however, I did pick it up for $1500, but that's consequential. You keep bringing up the 335 to counter my arguments and then say "but some people don't want F/I" I said, 330 or 335. If you don't want FI then the 330 available in 2006 and readily available with 255 hp on tap all motor. A quick search on the trader I located over 30 in the GTA for the low 20's and high teens. Same search yielded 30-50 323's with similar mileage and so on for the high teens to mid 20's. SO SAME BASIC PRICE BUT ONE YEAR OLDER! Don't tell me it's price. A couple of g's this way or that way. The example you give of the e30 (although not comparable is 4 times the cost????? how is that case reopened?)

My point to the OP was to spend a couple of grand extra, and by the top (non M model (for the picky keyboard warrior)) and save the heartache, cost, and possible voiding of the warranty, not to mention all of the bolt ons will not make a 323 as powerful as a 330 unless you're getting into serious head work which again I just wouldn't understand because at that point you'd be into 335 money????

A brief history of myself to help you understand where I'm coming from. I'm obviously a track dog. My first track bitch was a mkII vw GTI. I spent countless thousands on go faster bits, and was so chuffed with myself do 1:50's at Mosport GP track. To my credit many thought a MKII with a 16 valve shouldn't be able to go that quickly. Then I bought my first Bimmer, '98 328is, my first lap out on street tires no less and stock was 1:46. I sold the GTI the next week. Moral of the story, if you want to go a faster car out of the box and save!!!!

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