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Originally Posted by grapebimmer View Post

Mark's been in business for at least 15-years, mapping, chipping and doing custom work for racing and street, So, if you think he's just going to charge for 'testing' on clients cars, you are insane! Mark has a great reputation and I don't think he's one to start ripping people off. Yes, I got Mark'd on my 323i AND I LOVE IT! Best bang for the buck. PERIOD. Don't go by my word, search the inter-wide-webisphere, go, do it...

Such a simple thing to do, such a simple thing to un-do. Why is everyone bitchin'? Why?
Thanks Jb, actually I started disassembling the Motronic files around 1987 but didn't actaully make any decent chips till around 1988. So about 22 years ago.

They'd like it alot more if it came from somewhere far away, like China.
Each day I have people emailing and ordering from Finland, Greece, Australia, or off a ship in Europe for an s50b32 tune (all this happenned today) but try selling here and I'd rather just go drink some beer.
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