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Originally Posted by noid View Post
Oh im not doubting his skills, I have known about him for years. I also hear good things.

But considering i just bought the 323i+ paid just under a grand for underbody, rust proofing, 3m film and paint protection, i dont think i want to spend an additional 500 bucks (would need dyno) for a tune. Might do it in the future but would be a hell of alot more temping for $230 like the e30 chip.

It will never happen for $230, are you aware of how much just the tools cost to read and write e90's? And the tools to edit the files once you even know what to edit?

And I don't need to put it on a dyno to tune it as I'd use maps similar to the 325i, and make mods to those, plus you can get almost to the peak attainable torque withhout dyno tuning, that only gets you the little bit extra which is only required for the racetrack. I mentioned the dyno only to show the before and after results, I did not mention "dyno tuned".

You are asking about an extra 30 hp and hope to get it for $230, it just isn't feasible.
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