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Originally Posted by noid View Post
How would this effect warranty? I have a certified pre owned 2007 that still is under warranty for another 3 and some years. Its also used as a family car, so how would gas mileage be effected?
They won't even detect that you have performance software in there. My tools use exactly the same algorithms to re-calculate the Checksums that BMW uses and even modifies empty data regions to end up with the same final CS as the original one. And there is pretty much zero chance of a failure due to performance software on a NA motor, as long as it's tuned properly. I've done a 2006 330 for someone who is a member here but found me via another route and he's very happy with his tune. Gas mileage should be better, since ignition timing is slightly advanced. Most cars see at least a 5% improvement in fuel consumption.
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