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Originally Posted by MarkD View Post
If it is true that the 323i has the 3 stage intake (I have not seen one so assumed it did not) and if it has software that allows control of the intake, than yes I can also get similar numbers out of it. Until I see one and read it, I'll never know. So I'll offer the first e90 323i that comes in so I can read it a special $400 price, just so I can determine if the ECU can control the intake. And for $500 I'll also dyno it at TAG Racecraft before and after it is tuned. The 7 to 8% that I quote for normally aspirated BMW motors made after 1999 is typical of what can easily be achieved, but there are always exceptions.
How would this effect warranty? I have a certified pre owned 2007 that still is under warranty for another 3 and some years. Its also used as a family car, so how would gas mileage be effected?

Originally Posted by lvan View Post
Hmm I don't think so. The economy made their prices go down a lot. Even the E90 328i/330i are not that pricey as our E36/E46 in their days when the economy was doing much better. Than again, there is a resale issue. Many will pitch in more and not worry about swap nightmares. So when you take it all into account, I agree with those who go for top of the line or the M league.
Its hardly a nightmare when your paying a shop to do it for you, haha. Some people would like something unique/more powerful for the same price, some like the factory freshness of a 330i/335i/m3. I dont think one is better then the other, to each his own. As mark said there are plenty of reasons why one would own a 323i.
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