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Originally Posted by noid View Post
Mark, I think what he means is he doesnt want to just take your word for it, because he hasnt heard of your e90 flashes.

Can you answer why your flash only gives a slight gain while other tuning companies flash can produce 233hp and 206 tq? Can you recreate such numbers?
If it is true that the 323i has the 3 stage intake (I have not seen one so assumed it did not) and if it has software that allows control of the intake, than yes I can also get similar numbers out of it. Until I see one and read it, I'll never know. So I'll offer the first e90 323i that comes in so I can read it a special $400 price, just so I can determine if the ECU can control the intake. And for $500 I'll also dyno it at TAG Racecraft before and after it is tuned. The 7 to 8% that I quote for normally aspirated BMW motors made after 1999 is typical of what can easily be achieved, but there are always exceptions.

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