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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Quick video of what happened yesterday afternoon.

The car idled fine while it was cold, but when it got up to temp I needed to press the gas to keep it running. My O2 sensor wasn't reading so I may have wired it incorrectly. I'll look into that next weekend.

Also is anyone running an ICV? Right now I just have it set to PWM Warmup, but I need to change it to one of the ICV options and configure it. Just not sure what values to put for the stepper motor.

NICE!! You've got the car running so that's one major step completed.

As for the idle i'd run pwm warmup until you fully understand the workings of the closed-loop idle control. Only closed loop and pwm warmup work with the stock icv.

the wb02 is only one wire + grnd, hook it up to know what's going on!!

the next update better has more vids of sildewayzz action
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