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Originally Posted by icu View Post
Great tyme lots of fine machines , As always Randy and crew put on an outstanding show Kudos to you all for this event. Seems at every show there are a few rides that really stand apart from the rest , Ted and Sia brought there new , , Ah old Alpinas that are drop dead heart stoppers You guys should equipt your cars with defib units congrats to both, Again you have raised the bar. Someone said to us who were standing about are you guys on Maximum Bimmer er ah yeah that works . Thanks to all that spent so much tyme preping their cars for this show. *th-up *
Thank you very much for your nice and kind comment, as you know we are nuts about our bimmers, and for the love of our beloved marquee, I am welling to search and find unique BMW such as Alpina made BMWs half a word a way and along this quest and passion meet people that are in the same way attached to their BMW.
I always loved the history of Alpina and Alpina cars, I am fortunate enough that I could bring some thing to show that most of us only have seen and read about it in magazine, and however, I am glad that you liked seeing my Alpina B10 and again thanks for recognition.
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