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The E39's, especially the V8's are definitely costly when it comes to maintenance, my father has an M5 so I can understand your pain. Our 2002 530i has been pretty good to us though, it's around 160,000km and the only parts replaced so far are a front and rear sway bar link, a front right brake caliper, and a cam sensor. Recently though the power locks and power windows have been flaky, probably some accessory module that's crapping out. The M5 is only at 75,000km though and it needed the water pump done this year

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I've been eying a ginormous SUV in the last couple of weeks. A Durango or Expedition would be pretty awesome.
The Durango is a lemon (at least the ones in the early 2000's were) they were so bad that people were talking about class action law suits against Chrysler. Don't sell your BMW and buy one hoping that it's going to be an amazingly reliable vehicle....
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