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Here is a pic of my Bimmer during better times.

I think that I might have sorted out the reason for my high NOx reading -- my coolant was low (I have a leaking expansion tank). This is one of the reasons I saw listed on my web research, so I might be able to coax a pass by changing that tank, or just topping up the coolant, and doing some stuff like cleaning the MAF and changing the air filter. I blew comfortably clean on everything else.

I am going to look at a couple of cars today. I know the TL is more reliable than the Bimmer -- apparently the only thing that goes wrong on them regularly is the auto transaxle, and I buy manuals. And most of the hard parts on the TL are Honda Accord parts.

The problem for me right now is money. I have a bunch of bills coming up (all centred around my cottage) and some expenses coming up on my house. I need a car, but am having a hard time getting around my aversion to paying for necessities . And with my build, being a man-whore is completely out.
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