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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
Right, Dalton McGuinty is a lying son of a bitch who raises taxes despite promising not to, creates laws to penalize speeders (even though 150 km/h in my M3 is safer than 100 km/h in a rusted out Neon with bald tires) yet won't enfore the law for native Canadians terrorizing an entire town near Hamilton...

So educate people in an intelligent manner to vote him out of power. Don't imply that Canada and Iran are similar in political culture, because it makes you look like a dumbass.
ah, but the point is whoever you vote in wont be any better.

i see what hes getting at.... and he has good reason to worry with all the recent bs going on.

and this to?

hopefully crap like that gets squashed before going any furthur.

though obviously on a whole Canada is obviously a better place to live than Iran... but his point is its going downhill fast with all this crap and we all should be very worried.
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