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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Take a look at what your new car payments and maintenance will be over a year and then compare it to what repair and maintenance cost is, new or used it's usually about 5000 a year, and I believe Quebec has cheap ass insurance compared to Ontario so car costs per year are a lot less.
I don't buy new cars -- I'd be looking at used.

I live in Ontario, so I get reamed on insurance like the rest of the province. Maintenance costs? I have spent a frightening (well, to me anyway) amount of money on this car. It wouldn't match up with new payments but it's pretty bad. Close to half of what I paid for the car, anyway.

It goes back to the age old problem -- I don't mind working on cars but I am tired of dealing with this car. I am sick of repairs that pile up endlessly, waiting for me to have the time, to deal with them. Or worse, get so frustrated that I pay someone else to deal with them.

I might change my mind, but this feels like a last straw to me.
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