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Originally Posted by KINKY View Post
Only the new 2011 335iS can detect piggybacks. Any car from 2007-2010 cannot. And the codes can be cleared with Bavarian Technic tool anyways. There has not been a single case of a piggybacked 335i having its warranty voided.
BMW can update the software in olders cars anytime they come into the dealership, and they could add that anti-tamper detection to detect piggybacks then.

Originally Posted by KINKY View Post
I'm not going to aruge with you who makes the best tune or what is the best route. I am just throwing ideas out there for a fellow member.
OK, but unless I don't understand English, it appeared that you said that the piggybacks are the best way to go.

Originally Posted by KINKY View Post

Anyways.. here are some of the features that the Procede V4 offers.

Here is also a stack up side by side comparison chart.
I don't see any advantages there. Why do you need 13 or whatever different maps? Do you have a knob on your wife or GF with 14 steps ? I'd just keep it at 100% all the time.
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