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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
oh shut the **** up man, do you seriously SERIOUSLY want to compare life in Canada to ****in IRAN????
if I and others just 'shut the fk up' we get closer to theocracy or oligarchy...

g20 -largest mass (false) arrests in canadian history miss-using a law, claims of sexual assault by female journo's, resulting in over $115 million in lawsuits. also many pre summit raids on over 70 residences! probably made possible by: phones can be tapped since 1999 with no warrant or oversight of any kind, we just have to trust its not abused at all. we toture people or hand our citizens over to be tortured. we condone & aid in the production of opium in afghanistan. civil remedies act -allows the gov to seize your property without you even being arrested or charged with a crime, where civil law applies based on probabilities over -reasonable doubt & proof! then the cops auction that property & keep the money or Profit! $2000- to $10,000 traffic tickets where no one died, no accident? ontario (& b.c) HST, eco fee during a recession/depression, etc ,etc..
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