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Saturday morning we groggily got out of bed and pulled our shit together. Walking outside to this was a nice treat:

Our plans for Saturday involved checking out Olek's "outcasts" show, which was a thinly veiled BMW meet, really. He was a great guy to chat with, here's his sick E38 in our hotel lot (he stayed at the Castle also).

Then a small cruise on the strip.

Pulling into the Outcasts meet early, it became very clear that Mike's S54 E36 was well-known, even down there. Within 20 seconds of popping the hood:

...etc, etc. I pretty much stopped taking pics from this point on. There's plenty of show coverage elsewhere so I decided to take the chance to get my drink on and party it up camera-less.

Oh yeah, and this was distracting me too.

We had an all around spectacular weekend! We'll be doing it all again next year for sure, but going bigger this time (condos, banners, meets, giveaways...). For H2O virgins, we had a blast and made sure we left our mark on the city.

Until next year, you crazy VW bastards.
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