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Post So we went to H2Oi (pics inside!)

What a weekend.

It all started Friday morning, 2:45am at my place. ZiMMie, JunzieB, e30_kid89, missraisa and myself all woke up after a short nap and shoved all we could into 2 cars. We then headed to Yorkdale to meet up with Rob; stole the chance to take a pic in the empty lot.

Then it was time to make moves. I was straight zombie until dawn! Gave Raisa the wheel and started snapping pics near Philly:

Then we found this tunnel. Two S54s singing near 8k rpm was orgasmic!

Getting close now, stopped in Delaware for lunch.

Alright, this is when the fun started. Crossing over the MASSIVE bridge into Ocean City was incredible! The fact that it was 30 degrees celsius and we were topless didn't hurt either.

After cruising the main strip a few times (pics of that in a sec) we checked into our hotel, Castle in the Sand. It was right in the middle of the action; we knew right away we made a good choice. Check out the view of our patios, we had this strip on lockdown. The beach itself is through a walkway to the right!

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