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Interesting.. well my vin # is in the range for this recall, but as I pointed out the AFM must have been replaced at some point.

Strangely, with the adaptor installed, after 45 min of driving - when I got off the highway and into traffic the car started surging on idle and I had to pull over and remove the adaptor. This didn't correct the problem right away. I shut the car down for about 30 min and it was fine after. I think either moisture got into my AFM or the adaptor screwed up the fuel mixture. I wonder if resetting the fault codes would help? I'm going to try out your AFM tomorrow and go from there.

Troubleshooting the M42 is a PITA! You would think I'd have it down to a science by now? Maybe I need a BMW zip tie (pin# 16 13 1 382 243)

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