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Reliability Q's

Hows it going RMP...

I have some friends with E46 and they go to you guys and are super happy with service and advice... So since i dont own a BMW yet, Iam looking for some advice here on the forum.

My Friend asked about the 2007 335i as a possible upgrade to his existing 05 330, he told me that you guys said (when he had visited RMP for a routine service) the 05-06 330's are great reliable engines that are proven but the N54 hmmmmm NOT SO MUCH!!! (Great Engine but not necessarily proven) Obviously its plagued with the HPFP issues that have been well documented, really only in the Forum world, not so much in the Car Magazines or Media.

So if Im looking to buy a non CPO'd 07 335i sedan sport (clean with approx 65-80km) I just want an amazing 300hp/tq with amazing handling, brakes, overall looks and most important 4 doors (family man) Its a dream, but is the N54, really, not proven for reliability, and would one have to accept all the issues that come with the 335i ownership???

I just want to Know if we, Can Have our Cake (335i) and Eat it Too (sound reliability)

Thanks for your time,
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