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Started on the rear sub frame job this week. Dropped the whole rearend out and 2 of the mounting points from the car floor came out with the subframe. Was kinda expecting this as it's common to happen.

So to fix this and prevent it from happening again, I've ordered the M3 reinforcement plates for the mounting points on the floor, Turner actually has a kit that also comes with sub frame and shock tower reinforcemnts so I figured might as well do it all while it's out.

Also ordered stainless steel brake lines from turner, I've got to drop the gas tank to weld in reinforcement plates so goint to replace all the lines while it's out.

When it's all said and done car will be solid and able to handle the track and autocross use planned for it.

Anyone who has an e36 they are tracking or driving very hard should look into installing the M3 plates !!!!
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