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I agree this honda crap needs to stop, yes max is a social site too but for the love of god, I don't think the people here would be so disrepectful to preach on JDM boards that there BMW it's tits and ass compaired to there cheap understeer queens. BMWs are the better car, and at least most of those who own them have some respect to enjoy them and not try and force rape and mislead people with constant should be ban-able nonsence chatter that there Eco box is designed by the auto gods, sorry auto budda's and must be respected and praised cause they have one.

Stop mouthing and spouting and talking out of your one inch exhaust pipe with a 5 inch fart can shit collector muffler tin can tip. No one here is buying it. Your in need of serious mental help if you think you can push your it's better cause I have one train of thought on the weak minded I'll buy it cause then all the cool kids will like me cause I have one too people.


Now let's get back to the pics and vids from bimmercruise after this public service anouncement !!!!!!!
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