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Wow, thanks for all of the kudos guys, I appreciate it.

Robb, we're not talking about modified CRX's with k transplants and what not. A bone stock (engine wise) CRX with a 1.5 or 1.6 does not have enough power and definitely enough torque to pull it out of the tight turns to be competitive. I know they're light I've driven many (before you go and ask if I've ever driven one) I went to high school with a good friend who's rich parents bought him one brand new in '90 as a 16 b-day gift. A very good friend of mine now has a mint special edition with a zc transplant. I've driven that one too. My 325i pulls slightly from him in third gear and on. I've seen CRX's autocross as well, Twin Lakes, in Barrie had a regular there in the late '90's and he was a mid pack finisher. You can say he was a poor driver, although he wasn't, he was well seasoned, but if the car is supposed to be that good why wasn't he farther up the field? Anyways I'm not trying to get into a pissing match here, just stating a few facts.

Seriously, though why don't you come out to the autocrosses we hold. It's a hoot, and a great social event too. Who knows if you do beat the e30's you could smack talk all you want, if you don't you'll have to be ready to take the smack talk, but it should all be in good fun.

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