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Originally Posted by Robb View Post
Never said a CRX was the greatest autocross car.. is there such a thing ?
It's driver/car combo which wins.

FWIW, I dont speak out of my ass.. you know why ? Because I have owned an 89 E30 M3, with a 2.5L motor modified suspension to the tits, and have driven modded e30's 318is, 325is, as well as have driven shitty Mini Cooper S etc etc though I havent autocrossed a Mini.
I doubt may people here have owned good conditioned Crx's on this forum anyway...

I also do know what CRX's are capable of, when having slightly modified setups. Been driving them for 10 years now.
On an autocross, the CRX will win 9/10 times, just based on weight differences alone ! Heck, that's even without a B or K20 Series engine swap..

btw, ever wonder why Honda has come out with a CR-Z ?
I guess they woke up and discovered they had something very good 20+ years ago.... too bad it now ugly, and hybrid.
Enough with all the honda bull crap.

Go to a honda forum and troll over there, I doubt anyone wants to hear it on BMW board, simply stupid.
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