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Originally Posted by Ahctuning View Post
Careful before anyone jumps into upgrading software. I heard (true or not), that if your car has (random) power loss issues, with or without CEL on, get that resolved first before getting into software performance upgrading. Will a performance software upgrade address the power loss issue? No according to doubters and naysayers out there.

So get your ride in tune firsts, otherwise you'll end up worst than before and see your hard-earned money down the drain twice. one for spending the money on the performance s/w upgrade and second to spend the money on the original problem (random intermittent power loss) which may require a factory (not performance) software upgrade and/or new maf, crankshaft sensor, etc.

Above applies not only to e36.

True or not, anyone?
Performance software will not fix an inherent problem with the car. But I wouldn't say that money went down the drain twice if someone did upgrade a car with a problem. He just has to fix the problem and I'll load in the latest performance software. But I will say that when people say their car has a problem and ask me if performance software will fix it, I tell them no it won't and come back after they fix whatever is wrong. I see a few cars that have old software but not many, and most power loss problems are not due to old software, but failing sensors or other mechanical issues.

I have the tools to load in the latest BMW software in all cars made up until around 2005, and will be able to do that if someone wants performance software and has an old version.
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