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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
lol its all good. Im not mad or nuttin and neither are you. Thats a good thing!

the torch isnt the end all of it, + the civic holds the torque better (flatter) across the board(and in the upper revs) + its short trans. makes up for its lesser output of torque.

I miss the nice pull in the upper revs(or at least it continuing to pull). the m3 pukes like a donkey up top.

no biggie at the end of the day since both (and even the m3) are relatively slow these days.
Im just saying/defending some honor here . I was in the high 14's with bolt ons. faster than the majority of e36 328's out there.
06+ Si's couldnt pull me unless they had a flash.
Have you done the M50 Manifold on the M3 yet? That will solve your guttless top end issue.

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