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Vtec just kicked in
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lol its all good. Im not mad or nuttin and neither are you. Thats a good thing!

the torch isnt the end all of it, + the civic holds the torque better (flatter) across the board(and in the upper revs) + its short trans. makes up for its lesser output of torque.

I miss the nice pull in the upper revs(or at least it continuing to pull). the m3 pukes like a donkey up top. (I dream of euro motors at night)

no biggie at the end of the day since both (and even the m3) are relatively slow these days.
Im just saying/defending some honor here . I was in the high 14's with bolt ons. faster than the majority of e36 328's out there.
06+ Si's couldnt pull me unless they had a flash.
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