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that was me running on wednesday. first time on the drag strip with that car. i was running 15.4 at first for a couple runs, then 15.1, then i was running 14.8 accross the board. not a quarter mile driver. still workin on my launch. its like driving on rain out there. e36 m3 canadian spec runs mid to high 14s. the euro spec with over 300 hp runs very high 13's (13.9ish) professionally driven. also when you do a quarter mile run on a dyno, the e36 m3 canadian spec runs that as well. those are in perfect condition, no wind resistance, no traction issues, no loss of direction. so given all that, im pretty happy with my runs.
that was my friend running the e46 m3. he was running 13.8. first runs were shit like anyones (also his first time on the track). that car has the shark innovator chip, intake, and an AA exhaust. his tires were old rock solid michelins that dont even squeak when you peal them out. all in all great fun at the track.
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