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Overpriced maintenance?

My mom took her car to BIMMERSPORT two weeks ago. We were unhappy with the service (whole other story that I'm going to avoid this time) and now that we're realizing that we potentially got ripped off, we're even more disappointed.

My mom paid $525 for a Cam Shaft sensor install (including parts). On our invoice it states that labour was 2.5 hours. As I understand it, the cam shaft sensor install does not take 2.5 hours. To be sure we called a BMW dealership and were told by them that it takes "About 1 hour." Fine, Bimmersport is not a BMW dealership, but charging us more than DOUBLE the amount of time that the dealer charges (which is always longer than it takes to ACTUALLY do the job) is pretty much criminal. At least this is how I feel.

Maybe someone can chime in and help explain to me how this job took 2.5 hours and why our part costs were MORE expensive than BMW dealership prices.
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