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Originally Posted by iverson03tj View Post
are u planning to reinforce the subframe? because i was told that putting stiffer bushings would put alot of stress on it...unno if its true thou.
Powerflex has both a street and race set of bushings and I decided to go with the street ones cause the car is my daily driver. I will be giving the subframe a good once over for any cracking or signs of wear. Eventually I will be welding in the reienforcements, but more worried right now about the spot where the mounting bolts attach to the floor getting messed up with worn bushings.

Even with rubber bushings, many people weld in reinforced plates on subfames. It is more from lateral forces on the subframe under heavey side load during cornering. The harder you can corner the greater the loads are which are more affected by suspension and tires then the bushings used.

On a side note, no more elephant ear mirrors, picked up a set of racing dynamic cup mirrors, was going to get M3 mirrors, but the RD mirrors le the car stand out and have a great look.

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