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Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
Lift out the engine and trans in one unit. You'll need a load leveler on the engine lift. Use good chain and good strong bolts to lift. Look online for lift points, don't just wrap a chain around the belt pulleys on the front of the engine, the angle it will come out will be extreme and you don't want it slipping.

Don't bother trying to pull the auto on the ground, it will be a nightmare. I've done it while the car was on a lift but on the ground, I wouldn't even bother to try.

Easier to pull the whole thing, change everything without killing your back, then just pop it all back in.

Good luck, I've done it 4 times this way and it's not that bad.

I did my swap on the ground, just high enough for the tranny to pull out from under the car, just unbolt it all and put it on a jack, then pull the jack out from under it and slide it out from under the car.

I have removed and installed a fair bit of e30 motors, and I would not pull it just to do a 5 spd swap, its really not that hard to do the swap if you have all the parts.

But I would count on it costing well over 1000.00 all said and done, their are alot of things your going to want to replace while your in there.

Here's a list of the stuff I can think of you need:

5 speed trans
5 spd flywheel with bolts
clutch setup
clutch slave
clutch master
clutch hard and soft lines
shift linkage (all of it, the mounts on the car, the link, the shift lever, new bushings)
shift knob
shift boot
clutch stop
gas pedal stop
5 speed pedal set
5 speed drive shaft (only need front half)
hanger bearing
5 speed trans bracket
speed nuts for trans bracket
trans bolts (same as auto)
starter is the same as auto
have to mod or delete wiring for the auto shifter

I'm sure im forgetting some stuff, but you get the idea, you need to buy a whole car, and replace what you want while your in there. Its a really good idea to change the shift linkage bushings and wearable parts (thats going to be a good 2-300 right there) you want a new clutch kit= 3-400, machine the flywheel - 100, hanger bearing and guibo = 100 or so, and probably replace the clutch slave and master = 100 or so, not to mention the clutch lines will be haggard and not salvagable from the parts car = 100 or so.

It adds up very quick, even with a parts car, on the bright side, you won't have to worry about anything after your done if you replace all the stuff while your in there. It will shift like knew and you could even do a short shifter while your there.
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