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Best advice, take ur time, dont take a risk o buying a car for 10k just cuz it looks good... find a car with a book full of maintanence records, make sure u talk to the owner, take it for a drive for like 45 mins, and check the usuall rust spots.... its a lot o work to bring a car from the states, and most people in the states drive more aggressively than here.... something to remember... i would suggest you do a compression test and check for even the smallest imperfections... for 10k... you can buy an e36 that has been well taken care of... just take ur time...

I drive a e36 328is and i love it!!!!... i got a few minor problems to fix, but all in all.. its a Car that u will enjoy driving, whiether u beat the piss out of it or drive like a granny... u will always smile.

plus if u really like the m3.. well the 328is is the easiest swap or u can just put s52 cams, m50 mani and all the bolt ons plus software and u will be able to keep up with m3's or if ur interested in the look of the cars, u could find alot of m3 parts from the vendors...

PLUS its cheap on insurance... i highly recommend that u put ur insurance under someone older and put urself as a second driver...

IMO i have been on the JDM scene for a long time... but i never got more help or had more fun than with my fellow bimmer fans....

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