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Thought I'd throw up a long overdue update:

Picked up UUC Sway Kit and H&R Race springs from Elephant. Car has been on my lift since my last posts and finally last week I cleaned my garage to make room and put the rear end back togther and it's back on the car.

Put the rear UUC Sway bar on with all mountings, hooked e-brakes back up and all that's left to do is hook up the brake lines, put in the H&R race springs, bleed the brakes then move to the front.

I also put a feeler forsale add up but am honestly completely torn. Prior to putting the rear back on it was just taking up space, but since I've been working on it again and have put on over $1.5k in new parts I'm thinking of just taking my time and getting it cherry till I can afford the insurance Feb11.

I've also cleaned up any surface rust on the bottom of the car and Por15'd it. Once the car is back on the ground there will be NO rust anywhere. I've removed the rear hydro's from the car also as they are not needed because of the springs.

I also have an unmoletested wiring harnes so I can confirm what my heater and radio hookups should look like.

I'll take some pics of my progress this weekend.
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