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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
so i was just talking with a friend. he tells me a truely horrifying tale showing the police state we now live in! he said he was chilling with his wife watching tv around 10pm. theres a loud knock at the door. he answers it to find a uniformed rcmp & a suite (detective) standing there. they have a warrant - its for Downloaded Movies!!!

the cop in a way admits to him what a extortion mafia racket this is by saying 'hey feel lucky you don't own a house & just rent. cause each movie can be (was it, either) $26K fine or $260K fine Per Movie!!' and went on about how one guy had to lose his home & declare bankruptcy, etc
So I'll preface what I'm about to say by agreeing that the new copyright legislation, and this war on 'piracy' are just nuts.

Basically I just wanted to clarify a couple things, because this doesn't make sense. There's no such thing as a warrant issued for downloading movies. A warrant is issued in order for the police to carry out certain actions, ie. an arrest warrant, a search warrant, a seizure warrant etc. Is it possible he was issued a summons? ie, he's being sued by a record company or something?

The 26k fine or whatever, also doesn't make sense, because I'm not aware of any Canadian laws such as this for downloading movies. The police or government don't fine people for downloading movies, it's a civil matter which would require issuance in a civil court (ie. being sued). I could see him getting sued by a company for copyright infringement for the downloads, and maybe that amount was 26k or 260k?

so #1 everything we do online is monitored #2 you thought speeding tickets were bullshit!? just wait. go find every u.s media story you can ($20K fines for 1 song, total legal rape, etc) - cause we're doing that here now too i guess! I recall hardly seeing Any canadian media coverage of this (in general), perhaps its because people will get upset.
On this topic, not everything online is monitored, but everyone has to be aware that everything online resides on private servers scattered all around the world, and when you're on those servers, whatever you do is up for grabs to the people that own them.

If for instance a record company decides to "plant" a movie on one of their servers, and offer it up for grabs over a bit torrent connection, then anyone who connects to it, they could log freely, and proceed however they see fit. On the same token, if someone else is freely allowing others to download movies from them, and a record company connects and sees that it's their movie being distributed, then the information to track that person down is freely available (ie. IP address, ISP etc). So there's no monitoring necessary, the information to do all that is freely available, that's just the nature of the internet.
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