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How to find out whether or not do I have a Dinan software installed?

Guys, this may or may not be a stupid question so please do not mock. I bought my car from a dealer who claimed my car had a Dinan chip and Cold air intake installed by the previous owner. I could obviously spot the Dinan CAI there but never bothered to check whether the chip part of the story was true cause to be honest that wasn't one of the reasons why I decided to purchase the car.

Questions are:

1. When you install a CAI, do you consequently have to install a chip to reprogram the ECU in order to take advantage of the CAI or the stock software adjusts the mixture and other parameters by itself once it detects a larger air flow?

2. What's the easiest way to check whether do I have Dinan software installed?

3. If I do have the software in: do they normally release newer versions of the software? in other words, should I worry about getting the latest one? (this one may sound really stupid but bear with me, I'm an IT guy so software updates can only sound normal to me haha)
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