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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
so i was just talking with a friend. he tells me a truely horrifying tale showing the police state we now live in! he said he was chilling with his wife watching tv around 10pm. theres a loud knock at the door. he answers it to find a uniformed rcmp & a suite (detective) standing there. they have a warrant - its for Downloaded Movies!!!

the cop in a way admits to him what a extortion mafia racket this is by saying 'hey feel lucky you don't own a house & just rent. cause each movie can be (was it, either) $26K fine or $260K fine Per Movie!!' and went on about how one guy had to lose his home & declare bankruptcy, etc

so #1 everything we do online is monitored #2 you thought speeding tickets were bullshit!? just wait. go find every u.s media story you can ($20K fines for 1 song, total legal rape, etc) - cause we're doing that here now too i guess! I recall hardly seeing Any canadian media coverage of this (in general), perhaps its because people will get upset.
so what happen in the end with your buddy, did they confiscate his computer for investigation and was he fined?

by chance does he run his own server or just downloads off of others.
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