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Originally Posted by e30_kid89 View Post
If I understand what you're asking then yes it will use the last highest value. ex. along the whole 100kpa row your target afr is 13.0:1 AFR then at 110kpa then MS would "assume" that same target for 110kpa.

I wouldn't recommend doing that though, I'd put equal priortity into crusing cells/medium load cells/boost cells. Besides most of your cells down below 100kpa will be either +/- stoich so theres no need for max resolution down there.

Doesn't the base map come with a AFR table already?
It comes with an afr table that ends at 100kpa (base map for N/A car). However I guess I need to redo the table so it goes up to 200kpa. I'll post the tables up after I redo the afr table and maybe you and everlast can chime in and give me your opinions.
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