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So what happens if you hit a value that's outside of one of the tables? So say you hit an intake pressure greater than the highest value in the AFR target table... for the rpm that the car is at will the MS just use the value in the top row corresponding to that rpm?

The reason I ask is that once in boost a target afr of somewhere in the low 12's is typically acceptable for moderate levels of boost (i.e. 8-10psi). So if MS is just going to use the value along the top row when manifold pressure goes above the highest value on the y-axis I figure why not just have the max pressure of the y-axis on the target AFR table 100kpa and have values somewhere between 12 and 13 along the top row. That way I don't need to mess with dual tables and I can get better resolution in the low end and cruising areas.

So is that how MS handles values outside of the tables?
If not I'll come up with a proper table
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