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I apologize for the 'mistake' made on your Mom's M3. The safety is a concern to both yourself and our management.

Your mom brought the M3 to us with the light warning, indicating she knew it was the trunk grip rusted out and decided she did not want to bother (the lic plate light not a necessity). I am unaware of the tail lamp holders but did raise the trunk to inspect the inside of the trunk grip (found to be rusted). At that point we left the rear end (besides what we found to be an unsafe condition to drive in the suspension mind you).

If you would like to address the issue, call us and ask for me or Charlie. Making a post like this doesn't help your moms safety or even reconcile the issue as I recall there is numerous suspension components that are in need of IMMEDIATE replacement on top of the out of aligned suspension addressed to your mom the day of, and my follow up call regarding the pricing with a decline of repairs due to the $ amount needed for the extensive list of repairs (all listed on your invoice).

Either way, we hope the SES light did not come back on and the repair fixed the problem as the vanos repair will be expensive. Suprisingly we were able to diagnose and fix it that quick as we worked on the engine at operating temp as your mom was a walk in customer, on a appointment filled day.

FYI, as safety is a major concern...please advise as I am not sure if you aware of these issues as on the invoice:
The following items were found in need of replacement:
FR wheel bent
Front rotor + pad (rotors causing vibration)
Rear rotor + pad " "
Rear left lower control arm (bent - wavy shape)
Rear spring x2 (coil broken)
Front sway bar link x2 (play)
Rear lower ball joint x2 (play - left side major play)
Rear trailing arm bushing x2 (cracked/play)
Flex disc (cracked causing major driveline vibration)
Alignment (steering wheel pointed to left hand side)

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