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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
You did the right thing by escalating higher to get this resolved to your satisfaction..I would have done it sooner..

This car I believed is still under warranty (based on OP post) so funding is not an issue, dealership still claim for warranty work.. and it was brought back 4 times and was initially serviced therefore mechanic had heard that noise.. just that it was not serviced well enough...

It might not be a safety issue but it is a nuisance to hear that ticking sound for the duration of the journey.... that would be classified as torture. especially for sensitive ear..

End of day. you did what would be beneficial for any E90 owners if they face the same ticking issue.. there is at least a service bulletin they can refer to..

Now enjoy your ride...
Damameke - I think you summed this whole thing up very well - thanks. I think people have been missing the point about the car still being under warranty and that I paid for that warranty as part of the purchase price of my vehicle. In other words - I don't care whether the dealer makes more money from it or not - I already paid them to fix my car....especially since the care was delivered to me with the clicking noise - I noticed it in the first week. And I paid PDI of $1,400 odd - you would think Pre Delivery INspection would cover annoying clicking noises.

And it really was torture. Once you identify a noise your ears just naturally hone in on it every time you get into the car. I have such a peaceful ride now. But that doesn't make up for the 1.5 years of clicking hell.

You're right - I should have escalated sooner, but didn't really think I had that option. I did escalate it sooner to the owner Reg Quinn, but he basically just ignored it..

If I posted all my letters to the dealer and BMW Canada and BMW Germany you would be shocked by all I went through and dealt with over the 2 year period. It really was disgraceful service. They were so arrogant.......better stop - my blood is starting to boil again.
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