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SUPER PISSED @ Bimmersport

So last night my Mom took her E46 M3 to the guys at Bimmersport (her first time there). They did some work for her (replaced Cam positioning sensor I believe) and sent her on her way.

She gets home and calls me FREAKING OUT because her brake lights don't work. I'm like WTF, so I check it out when I get home. The Bimmersport guys had my mom's rear light assembly removed (maybe to check the bulbs) but they didn't put the assembly back in the rear lights. As in, my mom drove from Bimmersport, to Markham, in horrible rainy weather, with NO ****ING BREAKS LIGHTS AT ALL. Super dangerous and I'm super pissed.

They also left their shop phone in my trunk, a good indication to me that they rushed her outta there or something.

Usually I'm not the guy to come on here and start beef, but man, you guys could have got my mom killed. It's not like it was a clear day. It was at night, heavy rain, bad visibility, probably the most dangerous time you can drive without brake lights.

Well, if the Bimmersport guys want their phone back, it's in the ravine behind my house.

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