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Originally Posted by ChrisTO View Post
I'm sure the dealer doesn't get reimbursed to trouble shoot the problem. Was the owner/manager of the dealer unprofessional - probably? Is it debatable? Perhaps. But for customer service it's how you perceived to be treated and that's all that matters.

Is this a serious safety issue or mechanical issue for the e90 that would cause the car not to function? no. so i can see the dealers stance as they are in a rock and a hard place. they can't spend the time trouble shooting all these niggly problems and not get paid.

i think it's a learned lesson for all us in terms of how dealers get paid and how to get around it. if BMW HQ wants to keep a customer happy they will fund the work. just need to push the 'right buttons'. does it suck that we as consumers need to do this? probably, but i'm sure all other car dealers /manufacturer relationships are no different. dealers don't have infinite funds. that nice dealer building does have to be paid for somehow.
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