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Originally Posted by rendered View Post
When you said BMW Toronto. This doesn't surprise... Similar problem happened to me with one of my new bmw's 4 years ago... Except a differential noise.... took them 5 tries, and installation of 1 wrong part (wrong Diff) to get BMW Canada head office involved to meet me at BMW toronto to discuss their major screw ups and poor customer service... When it happened that the manager and Service advisor were both rude pricks, that pushed me over the edge and BMW head office got involved... A human being can only take so much crap/dissapointment/wasted time, after spending $70K on a new BMW.

I feel your pain.
I've got no real connection with any dealership other than knowing a few people who work at some of them. Four years ago, BMW Toronto was still a corporate store. You can't fault the current owners for what may have happenened then. Noises in cars are often very hard to find. But it sounds like the OP should have been told something else, instead of being told to go somewhere else for service. You may not make money on one quirky job but you make it back later by keeping the customer happy.

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