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Originally Posted by EstorilM3 View Post
"...I had to resort to contacting the President of BMW to finally fix the annoying noise at the back of my BMW..."

good that you stuck with it 'til the issue was resolved.
from what i can tell, it was a case of two hard plastic pieces rubbing against each other; nothing that a "gasket" or a shim couldn't fix.

the fact that you got sub-standard attitude from BMW Toronto doesn't surprise me. I stopped going there about 6-7 years ago.
EstorilM3 - Thanks - you are right. You can see it in the report they did - can download it at the link in my original post. Very easy fix. But it takes time to take out the rear parcel shelf and if they had to do that for every car with the noise, it would cost them a hell of a lot of money in mechanic hours. As I said - I have driven 4 3-series sedans and they all had the same clicking noise in the same location. I have no doubt it's a serious, widespread issue that BMW knows about.
I agree with you about BMW Toronto - unfortunately they also own Parkview BMW and BMW Waterloo. I know they operate Parkview the same way because I used them for my former BMW and I can only imagine the operate Waterloo the same way.
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