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Originally Posted by Dissembler View Post
I don't care if your car is $500, $50 000 or $500 000, cars are all pretty much the same. They all work the exact same way, and they are all subject to the same bullshit. Things break, and sometimes problems cannot be fixed immediately. Often times, you'll fix one problem, and 3 days later another problem will creep up. Its not always a misdiagnosis or a screw up.

Don't forget either, you may have paid 50k for your car, but so did the 100 other customers who happen to go the dealer that day.
Dissembler - thanks for your posts, but I really can't agree with you. A car that is $50,000 should not give you as many problems as a car that is $25,000 and service should be better. Taking almost 2 years to fix an issue is not what I would consider to be any where close to "immediately" - I think I was pretty damn patient. And it wasn't a different problem each time - it was the same noise.
I'm not sure what you mean about the other 100 customers who are at the dealer the same day. As I wrote - I booked my appointments around 2 weeks in advance. If BMW can't handle scheduling cars for service, they shouldn't be in business.
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