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its good that you got the issue resolved, but the service you recieved does sound abysmal, a service advisors job is to smooth situations like this over, not brush you away.

However, as a technician, I must tell you that it can be unreasonable to expect us to try time and again to find a squeak, especially intermittant ones. There is no way of getting paid to find squeaks and rattles, warranty simply does not recognize them as a payable repair. Sometimes it can take upwards of 30 hours (ask me how I know) to find particularily well hidden noises/electrical gremlins. How would you feel if you had spend a whole week working for free? There is a lot stuff in modern cars, and sometimes they only make noises in certain combinations, on certain roads and at certain temps. Sound like fun yet?

Sometimes the only people who can solve your problems are the people who designed the car in the first place.
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