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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
I'm not sure of the 'labels' but 5V for sure. One pin goes to ground and the last goes to MS as the signal. MS has a 5v output pin for this very purpose, so if the MS is wired right there are no changes needed to the TPS end.

Mine ended up being "backwards" (WOT is a low number, etc) but it works fine that way. TS gives you a warning, you hit ok, and go on.
I was referring from the adapter board to the MS, not the TPS end. So I know that pin 52 (TPS SIG) on the motronic needs to be jumpered to the TPS pin on the MS. I was just wondering where the jumper from pin 53 (TPS VREF) needed to go to. Now I know that it needs to go to the 5V pin.


Another question..
The install guide that the DIYPNP guys put together lists that pins 2, 10, 14, 24, and 26 on the motronic connector need to be grounded. With pins 10, and 26 being specifically sensor grounds. Based on this diagram all of those pins are grounds which is good, however I noticed that pin 19 is also listed as a ground. Any idea on what pin 19 is and if it needs to be grounded or if it's just a redundant ground?
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