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Tires/Rims to clear coilovers

Hey guys,

So I got some coilovers on my car a while ago and am loving them, but have been thinking about my winter tires since winter is only getting closer and closer. Before the coils I had my stock double spoke style 30's. ( with 225/50/16 winter tires. Since I got the coilovers, those rims don't fit on the front without spacers. I tried the spacer route a little while ago for them to clear on the front, but had alot of problems with the spacers and have just decided to go with a different set of rims. I would like to stick with stock bmw looking rims considering they are just for my winters, but I am having a hard time finding a set that will clear the coilovers. The offset on the double spokes is 46mm and without any kind of spacers they rub on the coils. My summer rims had an offset of 40mm and they clear no problem.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any stock bmw rims that would clear the coils and where I might be able to track down a set with hopefully a spair. I've tried to find a list or something online, but all I could find is this site and it doesn't always show the offset or all the specs of the wheels. 15, 16, or 17" rims are fine.

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