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Originally Posted by carthik View Post
I have seen this car in person after responding to a london kijiji ad on saturday. This car does not have 170,000km on it, it has 350,000+ km on it. This car is not an IS. It is an 325i Auto converted to manual. You did not buy it from a bmw service manager. You have no way of knowing if the motor is rebuilt. The tranny is not rebuilt. The previous owner did not know this so how could you? You bought the car under me for 2500 dollars a few days ago and now are trying to flip it. Quite a dick move.

The board should know the level of douche you are, going as far as swapping out the odometer to flip this car. I have nothing against someone flipping a car selling it for whatever its worth, but lying about a car and changing the cluster is another thing and a serious dick move.

On Saturday the cluster read 350k+, now it reads 170k? The cluster magically doubled? Now that I think of it I think it was at 380k.

I'll post a screenshot of the kijiji ad for any seriously interested buyers. I have the full ad saved on my other computer, as well as all of the original kijiji pictures, I think even one with the cluster.

Have a nice life douchebag.

Thank you for callin' out this dumba$$ on his lies.
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